12 Jul
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Have a sweet weekend

What are you up to this weekend? We are hoping to soak up the sun in the backyard with a BBQ and watch the baby splash around in the kiddie pool. We may even sneak out to see a movie. Have a great weekend!

For the Ryan Gosling fans – this made me laugh out loud

Fun summer road trip playlist

Give yourself an award for making it through the week

Such a fun cake

Remember this movie? (And loved the books too of course)

Barbie’s makeover (doesn’t she look better?)

Such an inspiring speech from a 16 year old girl

Pretty anchor bracelet

Speaking of Ryan Gosling, an editorial he wrote against confining pigs

Upgrade your movie night

It’s weird but this sounds pretty good


10 Jul
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Civic Duty


We’re having an election around here in a few weeks and as a political junkie that always makes me excited.

Yes, I’m a nerd.

I love being involved in the process in any way whether that’s interviewing the candidates for the local newspaper, watching the debates or simply by voting. I was raised in a household where voting was taken very seriously but nothing taught me the importance of taking the time to vote quite like a video we watched in the eighth grade.

We were studying the women’s movement in Canada and women fighting for the right to vote in particular. Having been born in the 1980′s, most of us were pretty amazed to learn that women were considered second rate citizens due to nothing more than big egos and bad science. I became obsessed with Nellie McClung and Emily Murphy and the more we learned about their cause, the more I felt like I was fighting along side them.

Then our teacher showed us a somewhat gruesome clip of a woman who seemingly threw herself in front of King George’s horse in protest and ended up dying from injuries she sustained. The woman of course, was Emily Davison, a militant activist and her story shocked us all. Years later, they now believe that Emily Davison did not actually intend to throw herself in front of the horse, and it is more likely she was trying to attach a scarf to the horse to protest the derby. Still, I think of her during every election. I think of the lengths that women went through and the high price they paid so that I can cast my vote and for my vote to have as much weight to it as anyone else’s in this country.

I know that at times it can feel like your vote doesn’t really count for much. But when I start to feel that way I remember the people who fought so hard because at the time, their vote actually didn’t count, and it makes me grateful that now, mine does.

Picture of Emily Pankhurst from here.

13 May
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Looking back

Hindsight is 20/20 and now that I’m a new mom (loving it by the way), there are a few things I’ve learned already. Some things I wish I would have known and some I need to remember if there is a next time.

1.) I know it’s impossible, but I really wish I wouldn’t have stressed so much about giving birth. I wish someone told me (or I listened when someone did) that everything will be fine. No matter what happens you will be able to handle it, so enjoy your ever growing belly, soak up those precious months of baby kicks and making someone else do the laundry while you put your feet up.

2.) Read about sleep now because by the time you need to, all of the books will make you feel like it’s too late. For the record, it’s not too late but sleep training is easier if you know what cues to watch for from your baby right from the beginning.

3.) Take care of yourself, the best way you know how. When I was pregnant, I was so wrapped up in all of the rules listed in books (avoid ham sandwiches!, caesar dressing! and strenuous exercise!) that I didn’t spend my time doing things that actually made sense. Now I know that sensibly exercising, eating generally healthy foods and getting lots of sleep were the things I should have been focusing on instead of stressing out about accidentally ingesting something that might contain caffeine.

4.) Pamper yourself. Go beyond the basics and make sure you continue to do the things that make your feel good, whether it’s a taking a french class, getting away for a romantic weekend, joining a book club or simply remembering to shave your legs (hey, it gets difficult to see below your ever expanding waist towards the end). Taking the time to remind yourself that you are a person and not just a baby  growing machine will be a sanity saver.

5.) Stay away from the internet. I know it’s impossible. But it is a dangerous place at the best of times let alone adding in an extra dose of hormones. One quick google search to see if the suddenly swollen ankles are normal and before you know it  you have read fourteen stories about crazy pregnancy symptoms convincing you that soon you’ll turn into a grotesque monster whose life will never be the same. Trust me, everything will (basically) go back to normal and life is about to get a whole lot more interesting.

Enjoy the journey and congrats!

Mom and baby hands pic from here.

4 Nov
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Small Town vs Big City


One of our favourite things to do on days off is to take long drives to explore nearby small towns. Every time we visit my parents in Nova Scotia we plan out what our lives would be like living in their charming east coast town. I love the sense of community, how everyone seems to know each other at the grocery store, and now that we have a family on the way, how much safer the streets are. I went to university in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, a town with a population of about 4000. Everyone was friendly, laid back and seemingly never in a rush. I remember walking home from a party late one night and a very chivalrous cab driver offered to drive me to my house free of charge, just because he didn’t think it was right for a lady to walk home alone.

Of course, whenever we discuss packing it all up to move to a small town, we have to admit their are some big conveniences to living in the city as well. Nearly every big box store you could think of is a short drive to our house. Whenever we run out of milk, paper towels, or have a craving for butterscotch sundae’s we can hop in the car and be back home before the end of The Office. No need to drive for 20 minutes to the nearest town with a Dairy Queen. We have several choices for schools that our kids (well, so far just one kid) could attend and we haven’t come close to exploring every romantic dining spot available. There are always big name bands, comedians and sporting events coming to the city as well as multiple play groups, mommy and me music classes and yoga for every skill level.

Of course the biggest draw for staying where we are currently is the fact that we have jobs. Short of starting our own business or getting ourselves to the point where we can work from home, we are planning on staying put. I’m curious to know what your take on the debate is. Do you live in a small town? Is big city living the life for you? Anybody pack up and take off for the simple life? Ah, a girl can dream.

14 Sep
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Have a happy weekend!

Just You and Me by Zee Avi

What are you up to this weekend? Ryan is helping a friend move all day tomorrow so I thought I would spend my time alone working on painting the furniture for the nursery and fabric shopping for the curtains. We are also hoping to do some fall decorating. Next week we have our first pre-natal class and we’re actually pretty excited about it. How dorky are we? Here are some things from around the web that I found interesting. Happy weekend!

One of my favourite pregnancy survival guides

Fancy hairdo for long hair

How to make a yarn crafted cup cozy

Pumpkin Spice Creme Brulee 

Love this sweater on my favourite fashionista

Tips for the yoga newbie

So sad about this breakup

new lookbook from Ruche

Pretty fall coat

Tricky waterbed – this made me laugh


13 Sep
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Maternity photo shoot inspiration

After realizing that I need to celebrate all of this jelly in my belly (some of it’s a baby too, I swear), I’ve decided to coerce my uber sweet husband into doing a maternity shoot with me. I’ve been looking around the web for some inspiration.

 maternity photo from here

photo via pinterest

photo from oh joy

It would be nice to have some pictures of this amazing time in our lives. I thought that I would feel kind of ridiculous posing for the camera but I just keep thinking about how these could go in his baby book and how he can look at them years from now and know how excited we were for his arrival and how loved he was long before we ever met him.

How do you feel about maternity photo shoots? Cliché or a sweet idea? I’d love to hear your thoughts.
PS. One of my favourite maternity shoots

12 Sep
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Dream House

I completely fell in love with this cozy house from Hooked on Houses when I first saw it months ago.

I have to admit that whenever I day dream about living a rustic, simple life by the water with Ryan and our little boy, I picture us in this house. Can you believe it’s a Sears catalogue ordered home?

Sears used to sell house kits years ago and you could order one like you would a pair of roller skates or a sweater. I desperately wish they still had this option. We are hoping to build a cottage by the water in Nova Scotia some day (unless of course we win the lottery and no longer have to work, in which case we would build our dream home and stay there – fingers crossed!)

My favourite part is the big porch and the layout feels so simple and practical. Anyone else have their dream home picked out just in case the winning ticket ends up in your possession? What’s your dream home style? Mansion in the Hollywood hills, or simple cottage in the woods?

10 Sep
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Back at it

Its back to work after having a week off together. This past week was supposed to be about putting the nursery together but instead we ended up painting the den and kitchen (well, Ryan painted and I cheered him on from the couch), eating s’mores over a backyard fire, shopping state side, relaxing and basically cramming an entire summer’s worth of activities into 8 days.

Here is how our week looked in pictures:

Taking a scenic stroll by the Thames River

Building a raging fire

Making S’mores

Painting the Den

Mmmm…summer BBQ


Making pretzels

Playing Boardgames

Things that we did not get accomplished this week:
Putting the crib together
Painting the dresser/change table and bookcase
Making curtains and art
Going to see a drive-in movie
Spending a day at the beach
Making pillows for the living room

But I did do a lot of curling up with this guy.

Chilling with Marty

So I’d say it was time well spent.

How was your summer holidays this year? Did you go away anywhere or are you more of a homebody like me?

10 Feb
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Have a great weekend

I’m starting to feel back to normal after my bout of sickness this week. So happy its the weekend and I should be back to normal and feeling refreshed by Monday morning. I think my couch and I need to spend some time apart so I’m looking forward to getting some things done around the house and spending some time outside. What are your plans for the weekend. Here are some things around the web that I found interesting this week. Hope you have a lovely weekend!

Because I Do by Pearl and the Puppets

Pretty Valentine’s Day makeup

Shake up your morning routine to boost creativity

Free printable tags for Valentine’s Day

Romantic dinner menu

Soup and cracker mug. So clever!

Meryl Streep love

Love this sophisticated looking dress (on sale!)

How to make a scarf camera strap

Catch up on Mad Men before Season 5 starts

New York Fashion week inspired cupcakes

The health benefits of snuggling

Apps to help with date night

Create a beauty travel kit before you hit the road

Love the name of this refreshing cocktail…because its finally the weekend!

9 Feb
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Sick day

I’ve been feeling sick for almost two days now which means a lot of time spent laying on the couch, watching movies and eating soup.  One of the movies I watched yesterday for the first time in a long time was Dirty Dancing and I have to say that every time I watched this movie in the past I got so swept up in the dancing and the love story that I never really noticed before that Johnny is kind of a jerk. Anyone else notice this?  Its not really until after they are in the water practicing lifts that he starts to seem kind of likeable. But I still love it.

Normally I watch Elizabethtown when I’m sick. For some reason it always makes me feel better. But since I just watched it not that long ago I decided to switch it up with Dirty Dancing and Edward Scissorhands. Anyone else have a favourite go-to movie when you’re feeling sick?

I also started looking around for some comforting soup recipes online and found this delicious sounding vegetable  noodle soup recipe I thought I would share from Simply Soups.


2 tablespoons Canola Oil

3/4 cup diced onions

3 Celery ribs, diced

4 Carrots, peeled and thinly sliced

1 Garlic clove, minced

3/4 teaspoon chopped Thyme

6 cups Chicken Broth

1 cup water

1 Bay leaf

2/3 cup dry small shape pasta

1/2 cup frozen peas, thawed

2 tablespoons snipped chives


1. Heat canola oil in a large stockpot over medium heat.

2. Add diced onions, celery and carrots to stockpot.

3. Cook vegetables until soft, 8 to 10 minutes.

4. Add garlic, thyme, and bay leaf, cook additional minute.

5. Add chicken broth and water. Simmer 20 minutes.

6. Season with sea salt and fresh ground black pepper.

7. Add pasta to stockpot and simmer until tender, 5 to 8 minutes.

8. Remove stockpot from heat.

9. Stir in the chives and peas. Cover stockpot and let stand 5 minutes.

I hope everyone is feeling well and if not get better soon!